Q: Is Being a Video Game Developer a Good Career Choice

It was years later that I realised that programming wasn’t the part of game development I really got a kick out of — it was more level design, and being an environment artist. What I really should have done was join a mod team making half-life 2 maps and then gone from there into a mid to large sized studio. (Instead, I became an indie and have struggled ever since to actually put together a complete game of my own accord, spending most of my time doing the bits of gamedev I’m not very good at / don’t like). Game designers are sometimes required to have scripting knowledge as well and have influence in other areas such as the story, level design, and sound.

  • If you don’t even like games then perhaps a video game design career isn’t right for you.
  • But first, let’s find out the benefits and odds of being a game developer.
  • In 2020, market analysts valued the global video game market at $167.5 billion.
  • According to a February 2022 report from the Society for Human Resource Management , U.S. tech salaries are rising.
  • Game testing positions rarely require specialized training or a degree, so this might be a good way to build experience while completing your studies.
  • Or sometimes I’ll decide in the morning that my brain isn’t in a useful place, and so I’ll take a «weekend» day in the middle of the week.

These programs teach you data structures, Java programming, game software development, interactive narratives, and artificial intelligence. A degree in graphic design or computer science boosts your chances of starting a career in the field. Level designers also need to be creative and understand level design. Someone who has a solid architectural background has an edge over those who do not.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Game Design?

Thus, before any coding can even be done, you’ll need to work with the creative and technical teams on the direction of the game as a whole. You will get a crucial input on certain features, not only in terms of how the data will be structured, but also how to implement them based on what can actually be done with current technology. In turn, you’ll spend a lot of time in meetings and communicating with others – but are rewarded with being able to influence the game in a ton of different ways.

is game development a good career

It’s probably not surprising for you to hear that the game industry is growing rapidly. As of 2020, the game industry worldwide brought in $160+ billion, with NewZoo predicting it will reach almost $200 billion in revenue in upcoming years. With the explosion of gaming on mobile, there’s also been a demand for just mobile games as well. VentureBeat comments that by this year, mobile games alone will bring in over $100 billion in revenue. Obviously, when making a game, you kind of need to know that what you’ve coded actually works.

Find Your Degree

You may have a lot of talent and skill; however, a certification or completion of a relevant program demonstrates detailed knowledge and a solid foundation in the field. Employers generally prefer candidates who have finished their three-year degree courses as they are familiar with the scientific background that is crucial for game development. Check with colleges in your area if they offer degree programs that can help you with a career in game development.

is game development a good career

Broadly speaking, a game is made of these things – a premise or story, gameplay mechanics, and visual or sensory aids. For a video game, this translates to the game’s engine and code and artwork, hire a game developer including visuals and sounds, and its story or goal. He is also the founder of Nikasio.com, which offers multiple services in technical training, project consulting, content development, etc.

Job Seekers

Check out my in-depth articles on the salary ranges for each of the job areas in the game industry. We are looking for a talented video game developer to help build the next generation of games for our company. In this role you will be responsible for coding the initial base engine of the game, fixing bugs, and troubleshooting design issues.

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Game Developer Salary

Besides programming skills, modelers must have strong artistic skills to ensure that each model looks as realistic as possible. A 3D modeler can either work for a game development company or as an independent contractor. Game development companies hire game testers to identify issues that relate to gameplay, storytelling, and technical glitches. A game tester may play the same segment dozens of times during the process, responding to developers’ changes after each playthrough.

is game development a good career

Game development can be taken up by a huge game development studio or a single individual. As long as a player interacts with the content and can manipulate the elements within, you can call it a ‘game’. To begin with the game development process, one need not necessarily write codes. Artists can build and design assets, while a developer can concentrate on the programming aspect, and a tester can get involved to ensure that the game works as expected.

How to get a job as a game programmer

This work involves lots of coding, programming, testing and maintenance. Entities like the University of Washington, Harvard University and Full Sail University offer professional certificate programs in game development. Since these certificate programs generally take less than a year to complete, they can offer a quicker path to a career in the gaming industry than traditional four-year degrees.