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80.57% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Use our directory to find White-Label Trading Platforms available for asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, and other investment and financial institutions. White label trading platforms for brokers to provide institutional buy side clients and professional investors. Research and analyze White-Label Trading Platform market and compare features and functionality of available systems. These platforms provide traders with simple interfaces that make it easy to get started in the FX market.

All-in-one cryptocurrency trading service where users make transactions, compare quotes, place orders, and monitor activity in a convenient format. We deliver real-time execution, multiple liquidity and highly competitive rates. This is advantageous since it allows organizations to select which services they require. As a result, you are saving money and cutting out unnecessary expenses. As previously said, many WL businesses have significant experience working with regulatory authorities, which makes the whole process a breeze. HOB’s White Label solution includes a comprehensive reporting package, which covers relevant regulatory reporting.

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Liquidity is suggested both in a complex and as an independent product. Business owners may start their Forex brokerage through the LXSuite package. On top of the turnkey solution, the company suggests brokerage companies integrate some products. Business owners get the inner matching engine and connections to liquidity aggregators to offer the best trading conditions for signed-up traders. Turnkey brokers combine the A-book and B-book business models to increase your profits. Introducing broker program is a system of interaction between brokers and introducers.

  • House of Borse’s, White Labels benefit from continuous development, ensuring regulatory compliance and eliminating an otherwise costly undertaking.
  • All the financial companies and institutions may benefit from this program.
  • You have an option to make no trades with us at all and just pay the execution fees, or fully/partially externalise any or all of your exposure risks to us using your institutional trading account.
  • How do you want it delivered, on your infrastructure managed by you or full hosted and managed by someone else.
  • Our full back-office enables your financial service organization to establish, build , and sustain excellent relationships with new and existing clients.

This means using the services of an approved and regulated company because, in most situations, it is the non-regulated trading firms who will commit fraud… FidelisCM’s forex white label solutions can be an excellent solution to start a new Forex company or update your already registered company. The Forex Market is ever-evolving and becoming more complex and challenging with the passage of time.

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We offer best-in-class crypto exchange white label software, already-tested technologies, fewer legal procedures, and a quicker startup process compared to launching a brokerage company from scratch. Affiliate management system to start marketing campaigns and business promotion with advanced tools for evaluating your partners’ overall performance. Your Bourse Announces the launch of two new features on its state of art execution engine and risk management platform – floating leverage and floating commissions.

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I confirm I have read and understand the terms of use and privacy policy related to the use of VendorMatch and that my information may be shared with the vendors whose pages I access. White labelling is merely the practice of one firm buying another firm’s product and then marketing it as its own. We ensure aggregated price feed from reputed multiple financial houses and institutions. We assure access to deep liquidity and top-notch spread from 0.0 pips.

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One more possible solution for business owners who have just entered the market isUpTrader, a company that primarily focuses on CRM systems for FX brokerage companies. The endless circle takes place – either to spend much money to implement next-level technologies, or to face traders’ outflows when your competitors provide them with better features. Fortunately, there is the golden middle – get a White Label Forex company, partnering with reliable providers of FX technologies. Our express start-up package will provide you with an award-winning trading platform, easy to use back office system and access to top-tier liquidity. Many WL partners care about the ability to customize the look and feel of the platform.

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When it comes to working with regulatory organizations, WL providers have a significant amount of expertise and can therefore deal with any concerns that may come up. They also have a staff of experienced specialists who can help with the set-up and running of a Forex trading business. This means that you can be confident that you’re in good hands when choosing a WL provider. One more aspect the X Open Hub company specializes in providing multi-asset liquidity; this is why brokers access deep Tier 1 liquidity pools that make it possible to execute traders’ orders instantly.

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Fidelis CM offers services to residents of certain jurisdictions except for Europe, USA, and British Columbia. Fidelis Capital Markets does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA, and British Columbia. This cost-effective solution forex white label solutions helps boost the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients by helping them better control their risk and operations. You can also leave spreads and commissions as they are and your clients will get the same competitive trading terms as our retail clients do.

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Another big advantage of using a WL solution for forex trading is that it requires no prior experience in the market. All the company needs to do is find a reliable provider and adhere to the regulatory standards of their jurisdiction. This makes it an ideal choice for companies who want to get involved in forex trading but don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up their own infrastructure. Ever more, working with a WL provider can offer access to liquidity providers. This means that businesses have the opportunity to trade with more capital than they would be able to on their own, leading to increased profits and more opportunities for success.

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Leading forex technology company, Your Bourse, has announced the wider release of its ultimate MetaTrader migration service – Your Bourse MT4 Migrator. Your Bourse, opens access to all their clients to enhanced reporting and real-time risk management capabilities that empower brokers to gain more insights, improve execution and profitability. If you’re a company looking to partner with a WL broker, it’s essential to consider each provider’s range of services.

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